Top 3 Ways to Make Money with Videos Without YouTube
Make Money with Videos – There are a few things you need to do to make money on YouTube. Your channel must have received at least 4,000 hours of viewership in the previous 12 months for monetization to begin. We also require at least one thousand subscribers. Additionally, you can earn approximately $20 per 1000 ad impressions. It has a lot of views!

Additionally, it takes approximately 30 days for YouTube to evaluate your channel and approve your requests for monetization. You will need to wait another 30 days if your application is denied. It’s been quite some time. You can make a lot of money doing this.

Top 3 Ways to Make Money with Videos Without YouTube:

Fortunately, OTT platforms and other alternatives to YouTube exist. They can help you start making money right away. When developing a streaming video platform, follow these three key guidelines:

1. Learn the OTT platform’s fundamentals:

Launching a video streaming platform without any prior knowledge is comparable to taking a test without any prior knowledge or preparation. You need to understand how it works and why encoders are necessary.

We urge you to investigate the market and become familiar with the fundamentals of OTT platforms. Fortunately, a lot has been written about this topic on the blogs of companies that create OTT video streaming solutions. Finding the information, you require doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. Therefore, it recognizes the procedure for operation.

2. Select the best monetization strategy:

Most of the time, OTT platforms are made to help content providers make more money. They typically employ three prevalent monetization strategies:

· Advertisements created by third parties bring in money for AVOD platforms. Most of the time, these platforms offer free content.

· Server-side ad insertion technology is advantageous for ad-supported video streaming services. As a result, the advertisement will be incorporated into the video as if it were already there.

· The SVOD stage creates pay-through memberships. A one-month or one-year subscription to the platform is available for purchase. They can enjoy video content at any time and in any quantity.

· Pay-per-view platforms are another name for ODTV services. Viewers can pay for any video they want to watch through this provider. The availability of videos varies.

You might want to take a hybrid approach to monetization. Customers can select their preferred method by combining multiple models.

3. Investigate the market:

The OTT market has been steadily growing over the past few years. This indicates that there is more competition. Additionally, it is becoming increasingly challenging to differentiate oneself from the competition and provide something original.

However, there is still time for you to establish yourself in the video streaming industry. To determine which market niches you can fill, you must investigate the market. 

You can still enter the OTT market if you can’t come up with something original. We think that anyone can find an audience.

Always keep in mind your audience’s needs, problems, preferences, and life values. Having this knowledge can help you develop a stronger connection with your target audience.


YouTube does not generate as much revenue as OTT video streaming platforms do. To start making money from your videos, you don’t have to meet any requirements. From the first day of launch, you can start making money.

Additionally, viewers will not immediately exit your platform once they enter it. You cannot switch from your content to that of another person. They watch only your videos. They are unmoved by anything.

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